Wauwatosa Roofing Project

Don't buy a roof from roofing salespeople.Do what this Wauwatosa homeowner did instead to address their roofing issues. The homeowners of the Wauwatosa home (pictured above) saved thousands of dollars by getting unbiased advice regarding their roofing project. Roofing salespeople make money when you buy what they sell. The more you buy, the more money they make. Isn’t there an inherent conflict of interest?That’s why we don’t have salespeople here at Guardian, Inc. and that’s why we can save Wauwatosa homeowners money on their home improvement projects.At Guardian you meet with Certified Home Advisors that work with you to determine the proper solution for your home that meets your goals & budget. If a simple repair is all you need, that’s what will be recommended. Typical salespeople will never suggest a repair. They don’t make money from repairs.Don’t take our word for it. Read the case study below. Reasons for Project Granule loss and excessive wear on shingles; roof to wall flashing issues causing major concerns for potential roof leaks. The existing roof on the homeowner’s house was old and was displaying definite signs of wear. Granule loss on the roofing shingles were noticeable on [...]