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Guardian Exteriors– Top Rated Roof Repair Company

When it comes to roof repair, Milwaukee homeowners choose Guardian Exteriors.
Our reputation, ratings, and homeowner support speak volumes.

Guardian is a recognized expert at inspecting, diagnosing, and specifying solutions to all types of roofing problems. We are experts at finding & fixing the problem at its source. Many times, the problem is a combination of issues involving several flashing details and even the wall assembly.

Inspection Process

A GUARDIAN Inspection will determine what the root cause of the problem is. Once diagnosed, many times there are several affordable options from partial repair to complete replacement solutions. Our process involves thoroughly explaining to you how we arrived at our diagnosis, reviewing the applicable solutions, and helping you determine the best and most affordable fix for you and your circumstances. From there, our expert production team will perform the specified repair to ensure the real problem is solved and fixed.

Guaranteed Roof Repairs

Guardian warranties its repair work. Because of our experience and expertise, we are one of a very select few companies that can guarantee that the source of your roof problem is found and that the roof repair is done correctly the first time.

Common problems we fix include:

Loose or missing shingles or roofing materials

Leaking flashings, skylights, dormers & valley areas

Delaminated roof decking

Roof-to-siding flashing issues

All types of Air & Water infiltration

Insulation & Ventilation related issues

Ice dam related issues

Gutter & water management related issues

We fix all types of Roofing including:

Asphalt shingles

Cedar Shake & Wood shingles

Metal roofing

Composite & specialty roofing

Flat roofs

Recent Roof Repair Projects

An Old Leaky Roof Caused Hidden Structural Damage

Wauwatosa homeowner, Meg, was looking for a contractor to replace her nearly 30-year-old roof. It was leaking intermittently for multiple years to the point where they had removed sections of drywall to allow it to dry and breathe.

Flat Roof Fix for Mitchell International Airport

The FAA Building at Mitchell International Airport was to install new, larger, air conditioning units on their roof. Due to the size of the new units, the roof needed additional support installed while keeping the integrity of the TPO roofing system.

Properly Fixing a Recurring Leak that Other Companies Could Not Fix

Waukesha homeowner, Gerry, had a leaking chimney and needed the problem permanently fixed. The leak was a recurring problem. Over the years, several contractors came to repair the leak, but none of them were successful at completely stopping the leak.

An Improperly Installed Roof Fails Prematurely

Percy and Vonn purchased their Milwaukee home a couple years ago: “One of the reasons we purchased our home just two years ago was because the asphalt shingle roof had just been replaced. (Important note: Guardian did NOT install the roof at the property). The realtor used this as a selling point. We hired Guardian right after purchasing our home to replace the small flat rubber roof on the breezeway of our home last year with a TPO system. That project went off without a hitch. However, the real trouble came this past winter, when we arrived home from work and found a large portion of our asphalt roof gone. We called the Guardian office and they responded as if it was a 911 emergency.”

Roof Leak Holdup

Marissa had been working on an interior remodeling project when her roof began to leak unexpectedly. Her roof was old, buckling, and was leaking around the skylights. As a result of the leak, she had to place the remodeling project temporarily on hold and repair the leaking roof within a very short timeframe so that the interior remodeling project could continue.

Help! My Insurance Company Will Not Fully Cover My Damaged Porch

“A tree had fallen on my front porch, punching the support right through the roof,” described Menomonee Falls homeowner, Jacob. “I don’t know a whole lot about roofing, or building components in general, and needed to trust in what the contractors were telling me needed to be done. I was also on a budget, but wanted the repair done right.”

A Leaky Lake House gets Repairs and a Gorgeous Upgrade

An Okauchee Lake lakefront home was in dire need of exterior work as the chimney area was leaking and the home’s overall aesthetics needed updating. Since the back side of the home where the chimney was located was visible from most parts of the lake, it was a priority that not only the leak was fixed, but that it also be the first area to be upgraded, as to improve the look of the home.

Fixing a Flat Roof—Others Told Us They Wouldn’t Come Out for Less Than $100,000

An older, flat-roofed Waukesha home was in need of some TLC. David and Judy inherited a family house that had cracks and holes in the roof, as well as old drafty (original to the home) windows that were the cause of outrageous energy bills.

About Guardian, Inc.

Guardian is a building envelope consulting and full service turn-key construction firm with clients throughout South Eastern Wisconsin. Guardian specializes in building technology consulting and turn-key construction services for all types of buildings both residential and commercial. Our focus is on preventing and resolving problems related to building design, specifications, and construction. We are nationally recognized for our expertise in building envelope failures, moisture dynamics and construction defects inspections and investigations and our experience in successful construction remediation services.