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Law suits are Exploding Exponentially involving Real Estate transactions. Serious construction defects are rapidly escalating, creating catastrophic structural issues to homes that cost “tens of thousands” of dollars to repair. Some properties are even being condemned in this process because they become unhealthy and unsafe to live in. Residential construction projects for [roofing, siding, and windows] life-cycles are now at a historic low point averaging only 8-12 yrs. before needing complete replacement or major costly repairs. Even newly built homes are requiring large, premature investments in replacement projects for new roofing, siding, and windows as early as 10 years or less after they were built.


Both buyer & seller agents, real estate professional offices, as well as home inspectors are increasingly caught in expensive and costly litigation involving huge unexpected costs when construction defects reveal themselves years after the real estate transactions because there was a failure to identify and disclose building envelope issues or moisture infiltration. Failure to identify a failing building envelope’s integrity can cost “Tens of Thousands” of dollars to remedy and involve expensive, time consuming litigation. Because of this, the courts continue to support the idea that “All real estate professionals” are and should be increasingly liable and responsible for any negligence around proper pricing, evaluation and condition reports for properties that cost new home buyers of existing or new-construction homes, unexpected large expenses within 5 years or less of a real estate transaction.


A GUARDIAN Inspection will determine what the status of the integrity is for an existing building’s envelope and what if any associated risks and costs will be necessary for remedy if moisture infiltration has occurred. The GUARDIAN report document becomes an integral component of the transaction for determining the real value of the property as well as eliminating any risk associated with failure to identify or disclose.


Pre-Sale Inspections

A Pre –Sale Inspection allows for the early determination of any potential issues with a properties building envelope integrity and can be an important aide in properly pricing the home in the market and helping to sell the home quickly without obstructions. Any building envelope issues that would delay or prevent the transaction from occurring can be detected and dealt with by the appropriate measures prior to investing any money or resources into marketing the property for sale. Appraisers and mortgage underwriters are now including a focus on “determining if / any moisture infiltration” into the building’s envelope has occurred. Because of this new risk awareness of moisture problems, many real estate transactions are getting delayed or cancelled when the property is flagged by the appraiser as a potential problem due to the lack of ability to get financed.

A Pre-Sale Inspection report protects both the Seller and the Sellers’ real estate agent from future litigation and qualifies as a full disclosure condition report document for the properties’ building envelope. Additionally, a GUARDIAN Pre-Sale Inspection report may increase both the asking price as well as the speed or velocity at which a sale can close. Properties that have some type of legitimate documentation as to the certainty of a properties’ condition can be marketed and sold at a higher asking price with little or no negotiation as to the established condition.

Condition of Sale Specialty Inspections

Specialty Inspections are typically required or requested on behalf of the buyers home inspector, real estate agent, appraiser, or the underwriting risk department of the potential buyers mortgage financing company because of suspect and potential moisture infiltration issues.

A GUARDIAN Specialty Inspection report protects both the buyer and the buyer’s real estate agent from completing the sale on a property that might be engulfed in future litigation and major costly repairs. Many times, a remedy for the flagged problem can be specified and used as a transparent negotiating factor to continue on and complete the sale of the property under full disclosure.


A General Property Envelope Inspection provides an accurate evaluation and documentation of the current condition or defects in a building’s envelope. With this document, any diagnosed problems can then be projected and planned based on priority needs and used to get “educated quotes” from the right type of competent contractors for your actual needs.

Most Home Owners do not have the experience or expertise to evaluate their building’s envelope condition.

Home Improvement Industry Salesmen “ thrive” on the opportunity to take advantage of unknowingly naive home owners. These Salesman are notorious for pitching and pushing whatever the limited brands of products they sell as the “end-all be-all “ fix to the symptoms of the problems the home owner requested repaired or replaced. Home Improvement Salesmen are not focused on determining the actual cause of the problems and the proper specifications needed to permanently fix the problems. A Home improvement salesman’s only agenda is getting a sale by pushing the particular brand of product they sell as the fix to the problem. Because of this, many home owners get taken advantage of by relying on unqualified recommendations from the Salesmen that come to give them bids for improvements on their home, only to find out years later that the real cause of the problem was not actually fixed or that the fix that was done caused more extensive damage and is much worse and more costly to fix a second time. A GUARDIAN General Property building envelope inspection report gives the property owner the peace of mind and knowledge needed to stay in control of their properties needs and of ensuring the proper type of work is done on the property when the work is needed.

Types of Specialty Inspections:

  • Roof Envelope Inspections
  • Siding Envelope Inspections
  • Window Envelope Inspections
  • Ventilation Inspections
  • Full Building Envelope Inspections

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Guardian is a building envelope consulting and full service turn-key construction firm with clients throughout South Eastern Wisconsin. Guardian specializes in building technology consulting and turn-key construction services for all types of buildings both residential and commercial. Our focus is on preventing and resolving problems related to building design, specifications, and construction. We are nationally recognized for our expertise in building envelope failures, moisture dynamics and construction defects inspections and investigations and our experience in successful construction remediation services.

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