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About Guardian, Inc.

Guardian is a building envelope consulting and full service turn-key construction firm with clients throughout South Eastern Wisconsin. Guardian specializes in building technology consulting and turn-key construction services for all types of buildings both residential and commercial. Our focus is on preventing and resolving problems related to building design, specifications, and construction. We are nationally recognized for our expertise in building envelope failures, moisture dynamics and construction defects inspections and investigations and our experience in successful construction remediation services. We believe in promoting advanced construction methods to produce better constructed building projects using the most technologically advanced products and installation techniques while maintaining efficiencies to work within the constraints of affordability.

Team Guardian is a comprised of Local and National Construction Industry and related professionals. Guardian’s mission is to provide Home Owners with a “ Better Way to Buy Home Improvements “ , eliminate all the Risk’s typically associated with the home improvement process, and deliver construction projects that exceed expectations.

Team Guardian Includes:

Certified Home Advisors

Project Managers

Project Supervisors

Installation Specialists

Administration Professionals

Financial Specialists

Customer Service Professionals

Team Guardian Network Includes:



Home Inspectors

Building Envelope Consultants

Building Performance Consultants

Construction Attorneys

Insurance Consultants

Building Product Manufacturers

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