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4 Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Guardian Exteriors for their Siding Needs.

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Guardian– A Better Way to Buy Siding

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Press Release on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Guardian Shows Milwaukee Homeowners a Better Way to Buy Home Improvements

Press Release on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Homeowners Approve of Consumer-Friendly Home Improvement Buying Process

Press Release on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Salespeople Are a Thing of the Past for Local Home Improvement Company

Milwaukee Homeowners Choose Guardian for their Home Improvement Needs.

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“We were very concerned about protection for our plants in the areas near the construction. It turned out that not one single plant was damaged. In fact, you could not even see any evidence that work had been done or that anyone had even been here except that a new roof was in place. Please pass along our thanks and appreciation to everyone involved in the project. The whole team did an excellent job”

Gordon and Lynn, Sussex, WI

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“They came out to the house, looked at the areas we were concerned about, and offered practical and less expensive options than replacement. All the options were things we could do ourselves which is actually what the representative suggested! We were very impressed with and grateful for this honest appraisal of the repair work. We will definitely call Guardian in the future with any bigger issues that present themselves.”

Mary K., Racine, WI

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“After doing a lot of research including two other estimates, I felt that you were the company that I wanted to go with! Your price wasn’t the lowest, but the quality was by far the best. The integrity of your people was impressive, every promise was kept.”

Richard, Menomonee Falls, WI

Advice for Homeowners Looking for a Siding Contractor…
from a Homeowner.

The Typical Process of Buying Siding Just Can’t Be Trusted

Here Are the 4 Biggest Reasons Why…

1. It’s Secretive:
When shopping for siding, companies insist on setting up an in-home sales appointment with all buying parties present before they will even give you any type of information. It is almost impossible to get any type of information over the phone.
2. It’s Scripted:
From the initial appointment-setting conversation to the “trial closes” that occur at the end of every presentation, every step of the siding buying process is heavily scripted. This script is consistent across all companies in that each and every sales person from each and every company has their “word-tracks” on how their products are the best and why everyone else’s products are inferior to theirs. How can every company have the best products?
3. It’s Manipulative:
Siding sales people go through hours and hours of training on high-pressure sales tactics to use to sell you their products. They are commissioned sales people who make more money if they can get you to spend more, so they are incentivized to learn and execute tactics and techniques that force you down a predetermined path designed to separate you from your hard-earned money as quickly and as profitably as possible.
4. It's Deceptive:
A huge price drop that is only available “if you buy right now” is one of the oldest tricks in the book that is still commonly used today. It is insulting that these companies think that consumers are so ignorant so as not to be able to figure out that the initial price that was quoted was a flat out lie, and that the “discounted” price is really closer to the correct price of the product. Through the use of this tactic (and many other similarly deceptive tactics), sales people are preying on the natural fear that consumers have of missing out on a great deal. However, when the “great deal” is truly not a great deal, then it’s nothing more than a con.

Here’s a Better Way to Buy Siding, & why Salespeople are absolutely NOT needed.


The first thing that needs to happen is a complete evaluation of the current problems that you, the homeowner, are trying to solve with your new siding. Are you trying to eliminate drafts or leaks? Do you want to reduce your energy bills? Are you looking for a simple cosmetic replacement? Etc. 

It is important that you and the company that you hire to install your siding are both on the same page as to what you want to accomplish with your new siding. You want to avoid the all-too-common pitfall of a homeowner spending thousands of dollars on new siding, only to end up with the exact same problem that they had before replacing the siding. 

The fact of the matter is that you may not even need new siding! 

A thorough inspection will reveal the true cause of the problem that you are trying to fix. 

Once a thorough examination has been completed, then it’s time to move to the next logical step.


Now that you and the company that you are considering for your siding have a complete understanding of exactly what needs to be accomplished, you can start discussing options.

At Guardian, we take the time to thoroughly cover all of the options available to you that is guaranteed to fix the problem that you are wanting addressed with the new siding. We represent all of the major manufacturers so we simply guide you through the process of choosing the correct siding for your home that fixes your problems and fits within your budget.

You are in control of choosing the exact options that you want for your home. With us as a resource, we help you to design and build your project.


We understand that typical homeowners aren’t siding experts. Additionally, we know that it is almost impossible to find reliable information about what homeowners need to know when buying siding.

At Guardian, we take the time to< thoroughly answer any and all questions that you may have regarding your current situation, what is happening, why it’s happening, and what needs to be done to fix the problem. Options will be presented to you along with an explanation of how the combination of options address the main concerns that you want fixed with your new siding.

More importantly, we take the time to provide you with important information regarding your rights as a homeowner in Wisconsin.

First and foremost, the people who work at Guardian are homeowners. We are simply doing the right thing in ensuring that you understand your rights. We know that helping you to understand your rights will provide you with the most protection possible against unscrupulous contractors. After all, if we were in your shoes, that’s what we would want.

Now it’s time to confirm the choices that you’ve made for your home. Because of the previous steps, you are now significantly more educated and informed about your specific needs and goals. This clear understanding allows us to have a comfortable, respectful, non-confrontational, and intelligent conversation about the possible solutions for your home.

You can then take the proposal along with all other paperwork and review it at your leisure. The price is the price and there is no special price that’s “only good for today.” You can ask more questions, discuss different options, and continue to become intimately familiar with every piece of information presented to you so that you gain the comfort and trust needed to know that you are making the right decision for you and your family.

We have formed strategic partnerships with several trusted financial institutions to provide direct & personalized access to a variety of payment and finance options. We will show you what those options are so that you can make the decision that’s best for you.

Products We Carry.

Below is a small sample of the manufacturers that are available to choose from.

Limited Selection is The Main Cause of Confusion Among Homeowners.

Receiving Conflicting information from the sales representative  of 2 competing siding companies representing competing product lines is often the norm. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get a straight answer from any sales representative  because their answer are shewed to sell their products. One sales rep will tell you that product ‘A’ is inferior to their product (Product ‘B’) and visa-versa.

At Guardian Exteriors, we give you choices. Because we carry the latest selection of siding in milwaukee, we are able to work with you to help you choose the right siding for you home at the right budget.

Request a consultation or if you would like an approximate estimate, simply click the button below.

Recent Siding Projects

The Incredible Restoration & Rejuvenation of Cedar Shake Siding

Mike and Maryanne’s home was looking tired. The shakes were falling, cracking and dirty. Without the equipment needed to repair and clean the siding themselves, the duo set out to find a contractor who could. The problem was finding a company who would work with what existed on the house, rather than push to replace the old with completely new siding, since the majority of the cedar shakes truly just needed to be restored to its former glory.

Deteriorated Cedar Siding Replaced

Racine homeowners, Pam and Pete, were in need of a full siding replacement as their home’s cedar siding was extremely deteriorated. Furthermore, the back addition had fiberboard siding that was also failing. They wanted to update their exterior with new siding that was low maintenance and did not require painting.

Siding Repair- Without the Sales Pressure to Spend More Than What is Needed

This Milwaukee home was suffering from a hole where the fiber cement siding was disintegrating, was causing interior water damage. Curtis, the homeowner, was aware the entire home needed new siding but was not prepared to do it at the moment and was only seeking a repair – something most companies are not willing to do.

A Leaky Lake House gets Repairs and a Gorgeous Upgrade

An Okauchee Lake lakefront home was in dire need of exterior work as the chimney area was leaking and the home’s overall aesthetics needed updating. Since the back side of the home where the chimney was located was visible from most parts of the lake, it was a priority that not only the leak was fixed, but that it also be the first area to be upgraded, as to improve the look of the home.

Leaking Windows & Siding Repair Needed for a Newly Purchased Home

Milwaukee homeowner, Stephanie, discovered that after closing on her new home purchase, a pair of windows leaked water, causing damage to the floor below. Along with leaking windows, her home had damaged siding, parts that appeared to not be secured to the house and rotted wood around the windows.

A Creative and Consultative Siding Experience

Mary and Shep’s home is beautifully crafted and unique with arches, textures and multiple levels. Many years ago, the city moved their street, making the back of their home the front. As a result, Mary and Shep wanted the new front of their house to have the same character as their original front, so they set off to execute their “20-year plan.”

How A Homeowner Saved Money Repairing His Cedar Siding Rather Than Replacing It

Ron was interviewing contractors to have areas of damaged siding repaired on his two-story home. His priority was to repair the damaged areas to ensure that the condition to his siding and dormer would not worsen and that the work completed would be unnoticeable.

Woodpecker Pest

The Problem. Mike and Christine’s 30-year-old New Berlin home was suffering significant woodpecker damage-- enough that the birds were able to get behind the siding and nest. Clearly needing repairs, they saw the opportunity to transform their home’s exterior to the...

The Chipmunk Tenants and a Chimney

The Problem. Cleo and Bill were having the exterior of their Oconomowoc home painted when the painter brought to their attention damaged wood spots near the chimney. A repair was needed to continue painting the exterior; the painter removed the damaged boards only to...

How to Evaluate a Contractor

The SMART Way to Properly Evaluate Home Improvement Contractors & Their EstimatesContractors continue to be one of the most complained about industries in the United States. Unfortunately, it is all too common for customers to be trapped into a bad situation,...

Siding Nightmare – 80k in repair and replacement costs

This project started as a simple siding redesign project.  The house was 7 years old at time of project.  Owner was interested in creating a new exterior look with a mixed stone and fiber cement design to match the look of other high end homes in a prestigious...