The Problem

An Okauchee Lake lakefront home was in dire need of exterior work as the chimney area was leaking and the home’s overall aesthetics needed updating. Since the back side of the home where the chimney was located was visible from most parts of the lake, it was a priority that not only the leak was fixed, but that it also be the first area to be upgraded, as to improve the look of the home.

Starting with the chimney, the homeowner wanted to work in sections, versus completing all of the repairs at once.

It was important to the homeowner that the contracting company he selected be one that understood his vision for his home. Being in sales himself, the homeowner also did not want to be “sold” or to deal with the typical sales process. Of the contractors he spoke with, Guardian was the first to check both of those boxes. He expressed appreciation for the fact that Guardian kept in communication with him and was patient during his decision-making process. When he was ready to give the green light on work, Guardian was ready too.


The Solution

After working together to establish a plan, the home was set up for a repair of the chimney case, replacement of the painted plywood sheathing, and the addition of cedar shake panels.

The Result

Despite a supply chain-related delay in the arrival of specialty ordered materials, the homeowner was thrilled at the transformation of his home: “I was amazed at the transformation. The chimney can still be seen from anywhere on the lake, but now it looks amazing. My lake neighbors’ comment on how great it looks.”

In addition to the work on the chimney, the Guardian crew completed a few siding repairs with seamless results.

The homeowner also commented that the Guardian crew was always on time, communicative, and hard working.