The Problem.
Mary and Shep’s home is beautifully crafted and unique with arches, textures and multiple levels. Many years ago, the city moved their street, making the back of their home the front. As a result, Mary and Shep wanted the new front of their house to have the same character as their original front, so they set off to execute their “20-year plan.”

Having an incredibly custom and unique project that required the deepest understanding and attention to detail on the selected contractor’s behalf, Mary and Shep knew it was crucial to select the right contractor. The work desired could have required at least three different trade contractors; getting a single company capable of such a task was a priority. Multiple companies they called on attempted to change their plans and change the products they desired – a frustrating experience for any homeowner making such a large investment.


The Solution.
Guardian brought relief to the homeowners, as all aspects of the job could be executed without making changes or including other contractors. Having their vision for the whole house understood may have cost more, but, according to Mary and Shep was “worth every penny and more.”

They explained that the process of working with Guardian was a “creative, consultative experience and the only solution that would truly bring [their] vision to life.” Guardian was also able to provide custom carpentry solutions that the couple had hoped for but were repeatedly told would not be possible by other contractors.

Being that the project was extremely detailed, the process was not the fastest. The couple knew the transformation that their home was undergoing needed a steady pace, and they were impressed with Guardian’s crew for “expert installation of the painstaking details and quality of work.”

Despite complications as a result of work completed by a different contractor previously, Guardian’s crew kept communication open with the homeowners and took care of the issues to their satisfaction.

We asked if they would recommend Guardian to others, to which they stated “Definitely. The craftsmanship, time and effort that Guardian put into our project is second to none. We love the look of our home. It has truly been transformed into the architectural vision we always knew it was.”