The Problem.
Ron was interviewing contractors to have areas of damaged siding repaired on his two-story home. His priority was to repair the damaged areas to ensure that the condition to his siding and dormer would not worsen and that the work completed would be unnoticeable.

While speaking to and scheduling appointments with numerous contractors, Ron was encountering a reoccurring issue of no-shows. Inexplicably, contractors would set appointments to come out to Ron’s home to inspect the siding, and then proceed to simply not show up. Those who did keep their appointments were focused on wanting to sell Ron on very expensive brand-new siding for his home. This left Ron feeling unheard and frustrated.


The Solution.
When Guardian visited Ron’s property, Ron’s needs were fully understood. Guardian presented two pricing options to fix the damage on his home: one for minor repair to the damaged sections of the cedar siding, and one pricing for new siding.

Being heard, Ron’s choice of minor repair was set into play. The color of Ron’s cedar siding is a beautiful custom color. Unfortunately, due to Covid-related supply-chain issues, the replacement product was delayed from the manufacturer. Despite Ron’s project not moving as quickly as the job would have pre-Covid, Guardian updated Ron weekly on the status on his siding’s arrival.

Once the siding arrived, Ron’s project went smoothly and quickly. Guardian gave Ron’s home the seamless repair that he had expressed was his biggest priority. We asked if Ron would recommend Guardian to others to which he exclaimed, “I was very pleased with the overall end result and would refer friends and family.”