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When it comes to siding repair, Milwaukee homeowners choose Guardian Exteriors.
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Guardian is a recognized expert at inspecting, diagnosing, and specifying solutions to all types of siding problems. We are experts at finding & fixing the problem at its source. Many times, the problem is a combination of issues involving several flashing details and even the wall assembly.

Inspection Process

A GUARDIAN Inspection will determine what the root cause of the problem is. Once diagnosed, many times there are several affordable options from partial repair to complete replacement solutions. Our process involves thoroughly explaining to you how we arrived at our diagnosis, reviewing the applicable solutions, and helping you determine the best and most affordable fix for you and your circumstances. From there, our expert production team will perform the specified repair to ensure the real problem is solved and fixed.

Guaranteed Siding Repairs

Guardian warranties all our siding repair work. Because of our experience and expertise, we are one of a very select few companies that can guarantee that the source of your siding problem is found and that the repair is done correctly the first time.

Common problems we fix include:

Loose, chattering or sagging siding panels

Improperly nailed siding panels

Delaminating or peeling paint finish issues

Window & Door flashing issues

Siding-to-roof flashing issues

All types of Air & Water infiltration (leaky windows, doors, & walls)

Insulation & Ventilation related issues

We fix all types of Siding and Building Envelope related issues including:

Vinyl siding defects

Aluminum & Steel siding defects

Fiber Cement board & LP Smartside composite defects

Cedar siding issues

Masonry & Stone siding defects

Recent Siding Repair Projects

The Incredible Restoration & Rejuvenation of Cedar Shake Siding

Mike and Maryanne’s home was looking tired. The shakes were falling, cracking and dirty. Without the equipment needed to repair and clean the siding themselves, the duo set out to find a contractor who could. The problem was finding a company who would work with what existed on the house, rather than push to replace the old with completely new siding, since the majority of the cedar shakes truly just needed to be restored to its former glory.

Siding Repair- Without the Sales Pressure to Spend More Than What is Needed

This Milwaukee home was suffering from a hole where the fiber cement siding was disintegrating, was causing interior water damage. Curtis, the homeowner, was aware the entire home needed new siding but was not prepared to do it at the moment and was only seeking a repair – something most companies are not willing to do.

A Leaky Lake House gets Repairs and a Gorgeous Upgrade

An Okauchee Lake lakefront home was in dire need of exterior work as the chimney area was leaking and the home’s overall aesthetics needed updating. Since the back side of the home where the chimney was located was visible from most parts of the lake, it was a priority that not only the leak was fixed, but that it also be the first area to be upgraded, as to improve the look of the home.

Leaking Windows & Siding Repair Needed for a Newly Purchased Home

Milwaukee homeowner, Stephanie, discovered that after closing on her new home purchase, a pair of windows leaked water, causing damage to the floor below. Along with leaking windows, her home had damaged siding, parts that appeared to not be secured to the house and rotted wood around the windows.

A Creative and Consultative Siding Experience

Mary and Shep’s home is beautifully crafted and unique with arches, textures and multiple levels. Many years ago, the city moved their street, making the back of their home the front. As a result, Mary and Shep wanted the new front of their house to have the same character as their original front, so they set off to execute their “20-year plan.”

How A Homeowner Saved Money Repairing His Cedar Siding Rather Than Replacing It

Ron was interviewing contractors to have areas of damaged siding repaired on his two-story home. His priority was to repair the damaged areas to ensure that the condition to his siding and dormer would not worsen and that the work completed would be unnoticeable.

Siding Nightmare – 80k in repair and replacement costs

This project started as a simple siding redesign project.  The house was 7 years old at time of project.  Owner was interested in creating a new exterior look with a mixed stone and fiber cement design to match the look of other high end homes in a prestigious...

About Guardian, Inc.

Guardian is a building envelope consulting and full service turn-key construction firm with clients throughout South Eastern Wisconsin. Guardian specializes in building technology consulting and turn-key construction services for all types of buildings both residential and commercial. Our focus is on preventing and resolving problems related to building design, specifications, and construction. We are nationally recognized for our expertise in building envelope failures, moisture dynamics and construction defects inspections and investigations and our experience in successful construction remediation services.