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Benefits of Wood Roofing

  • Unsurpassed beauty

  • Naturally insect and UV ray resistant

  • Energy efficient

  • Adds value to your home

  • Original “Green” Eco-Friendly building product

  • Resistant to damage from storms

  • Wind & impact resistant

Handsplit & Resawn

Tapersawn Shakes


The Truth About Wood & Cedar Roofs

Here’s what Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau has to say about wood and cedar roofs:

Cedar shakes and shingles have been used for hundreds of years. They have proven their longevity in actual weather conditions, in all types of climates. Cedar shakes and shingles contain oils that make them naturally decay resistant. Cedar’s insulative quality, aesthetic appeal, and wind and impact resistance make cedar shakes and shingles the natural choice for your roofing and siding material.


Cedar shake and shingle roofs have long been tested, and approved, as being highly wind resistant. As far back as 1952, the CSSB (Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau) conducted tests at the University of Wichita. At that time, the strongest wind that could be artificially produced was generated by an airplane engine reaching a wind speed of 136 mph. CSSB member products withstood that wind speed and passed the test.

Category 3-5 hurricanes wreak havoc on even the strongest built communities. Through structural damage assessment, the insurance industry has recognized the need for better buildings, and has developed the Fortified…for safer living® program. This program advocates building stronger, better constructed homes that go beyond basic building code requirements.

Wind Resistance Test Results are Outstanding

In 2004, CSSB member cedar shakes and shingles underwent the UL-1897 (fourth edition) “Uplift Test for Roof Covering Systems” with exemplary results of 90 PSF (173 MPH) for CSSB member shingles and 180 PSF (245 MPH) for CSSB member shakes.


Cedar roofing is very resistant to hail damage. Impact resistance testing shows minimal impact on CSSB member handsplit and resawn shakes, tapersawn shakes and shingles. Typical hail sizes are shown in the diagram to the right.

CSSB member shakes and shingles have withstood the impacts of 2” diameter steel balls when dropped from a 20 foot height as per UL-2218 test standards. UL-2218 is the standard impact resistance test used by all products in the roofing industry.

As a result, CSSB member manufacturers can offer Class 3 and Class 4 designations. Class 4 is the highest impact resistance rating one can obtain. Moreover, the impact resistance ratings in the UL-2218 test standard are the same for all products, regardless of type. Class 4 is Class 4 is Class 4, whether one is discussing cedar, asphalt, metal, tile or other roofing materials. The standards are the same. Even better, it’s simple to replace a few shakes or shingles with no requirement for matching color lots or concern about chipping or peeling of surface coatings.

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