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For Homeowners, Guardian is Providing FREE Consulting Services to Protect You from Making Costly Mistakes.

Guardian has provided consulting services to commercial building owners, property managers, home inspectors, etc. for several years. Consulting is needed for these organizations when there are situations that need to be addressed that involve large amounts of money. Businesses can’t afford to make major purchases for products and services that simply won’t provide the solutions they are paying for. This same service is now available to homeowners.

Education is key to making the right decisions.

We will consult with you to discuss your home’s current issues, conduct a thorough inspection, and then provide you with a comprehensive detailing of our findings along with the recommendations for solutions.


The Inspection & diagnosis is critical to finding and addressing the root causes of the issues that you are trying to fix.


The major issue with the home improvement industry is that most salespeople are more interested in selling you their product and service rather than solving your problem.


With the inspection and evaluation, you no longer have to take the word of the salespeople. The information reviewed in the consultation will also provide you with the choices that are available to you that will fix your problem and fit your budget without the typical product bias that exists when salespeople try to sell you on the products that they carry.


During this consulting session, you have the ability to ask as many questions as you need to ask in order to get properly educated on the issues concerning your home. We understand that typical homeowners aren’t home improvement experts, so there really isn’t a dumb question.


Additionally, we will provide you with critical information regarding your rights as a homeowner in Wisconsin when dealing with home improvement companies.

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Team Guardian Includes:

Certified Home Advisors

Project Managers

Project Supervisors

Installation Specialists

Financial Specialists

Customer Service Professionals

Administration Professionals

Team Guardian Includes:



Home Inspectors

Building Envelope Consultants

Building Performance Consultants

Construction Attorneys

Insurance Consultants

Building Product Manufacturers

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