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For Homeowners, Guardian is Providing FREE Consulting Services to Protect You from Making Costly Mistakes.

Guardian has provided consulting services to commercial building owners, property managers, home inspectors, etc. for several years. Consulting is needed for these organizations when there are situations that need to be addressed that involve large amounts of money. Businesses can’t afford to make major purchases for products and services that simply won’t provide the solutions they are paying for. This same service is now available to homeowners.

Education is key to making the right decisions.

We will consult with you to discuss your home’s current issues, conduct a thorough inspection, and then provide you with a comprehensive detailing of our findings along with the recommendations for solutions.

The Inspection & diagnosis is critical to finding and addressing the root causes of the issues that you are trying to fix.

The major issue with the home improvement industry is that most salespeople are more interested in selling you their product and service rather than solving your problem.

With the inspection and evaluation, you no longer have to take the word of the salespeople. The information reviewed in the consultation will also provide you with the choices that are available to you that will fix your problem and fit your budget without the typical product bias that exists when salespeople try to sell you on the products that they carry.

During this consulting session, you have the ability to ask as many questions as you need to ask in order to get properly educated on the issues concerning your home. We understand that typical homeowners aren’t home improvement experts, so there really isn’t a dumb question.

Additionally, we will provide you with critical information regarding your rights as a homeowner in Wisconsin when dealing with home improvement companies.

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A General Property Envelope Inspection provides an accurate evaluation and documentation of the current condition or defects in a building’s envelope. With this document, any diagnosed problems can then be projected and planned based on priority needs and used to get “educated quotes” from the right type of competent contractors for your actual needs.

Most Home Owners do not have the experience or expertise to evaluate their building’s envelope condition.

Home Improvement Industry Salespeople “thrive” on the opportunity to take advantage of unaware homeowners. These Salesman are notorious for pitching and pushing whatever the limited brands of products they sell as the “end-all be-all “ fix to the symptoms of the problems the home owner requested repaired or replaced. Home Improvement Salesmen are not focused on determining the actual cause of the problems and the proper specifications needed to permanently fix the problems. A Home improvement salesman’s only agenda is getting a sale by pushing the particular brand of product they sell as the fix to the problem. Because of this, many home owners get taken advantage of by relying on unqualified recommendations from the Salesmen that come to give them bids for improvements on their home, only to find out years later that the real cause of the problem was not actually fixed or that the fix that was done caused more extensive damage and is much worse and more costly to fix a second time. A GUARDIAN General Property building envelope inspection report gives the property owner the peace of mind and knowledge needed to stay in control of their properties needs and of ensuring the proper type of work is done on the property when the work is needed.

Types of Specialty Inspections:

  • Roof Envelope Inspections
  • Siding Envelope Inspections
  • Window Envelope Inspections
  • Ventilation Inspections
  • Full Building Envelope Inspections

About Guardian, Inc.

Guardian is a building envelope consulting and full service turn-key construction firm with clients throughout South Eastern Wisconsin. Guardian specializes in building envelope consulting and turn-key construction services for all types of buildings both residential and commercial. Our focus is on preventing and resolving problems related to building design, specifications, and construction. We are nationally recognized for our expertise in building envelope failures, moisture dynamics and construction defects inspections and investigations and our experience in successful construction remediation services.

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