The Problem

This Milwaukee home was suffering from a hole where the fiber cement siding was disintegrating, was causing interior water damage. Curtis, the homeowner, was aware the entire home needed new siding but was not prepared to do it at the moment and was only seeking a repair – something most companies are not willing to do.

Curtis contacted Guardian, who listened to his concerns of wanting to prevent further damage. “I just wanted the problem solved. Stop the leaking and damage, repair the exterior,” stated Curtis. “I needed a repair, and most companies don’t want anything to do with repairs. Guardian was honest about the state of the siding but didn’t try to talk me into completing an entire siding project. They listened to what my concerns were and addressed them.”


The Solution

Repairing the damaged siding required replacing the fiber cement siding and sheathing, as well as adding kick-out flashings to prevent the issue from happening again in the future.

The Result

The damage on Curtis’ home was worse than what the eye could see from the outside. Once the crew removed the deteriorated siding, there were additional areas that needed to be addressed. Guardian kept Curtis updated throughout the day while work was being completed, and to his relief, Guardian never made him “feel pressured to spend more than needed” at the time.

He expressed his gratitude for Guardian being the only contractor that explained how a small metal “kick-out” flashing installed to the gutter would have prevented the amount of damage that was being repaired AND would help prevent the same damage from happening in the future.

Curtis is happy with his repair work and states he will be calling Guardian in the future when he is ready to complete the rest of the house.