The Problem.
Milwaukee homeowner, Stephanie, discovered that after closing on her new home purchase, a pair of windows leaked water, causing damage to the floor below. Along with leaking windows, her home had damaged siding, parts that appeared to not be secured to the house and rotted wood around the windows.

While speaking with contractors, she struggled to find one who did not try to sell her brand new siding for her entire house. Stephanie was on a budget and that option was not financially feasible.


The Solution.
She contacted Guardian. Being the only contractor who offered a solution to fix her problem within her budget, Guardian was the solid. Stephanie explained “the Guardian representative actually listened to me, when I felt like all the other company’s sales people talked over me… He did not make me feel less than because I couldn’t afford [a full reside] and created a solution that would solve the leaking problem from the windows, improve the look on the back of my house and match it to the rest without bankrupting me.”

Her home needed window flashing, replacement aluminum siding with 8” vinyl on the damaged gable and the window trim wrapped in aluminum.

When the work began, additional rotted wood damage was exposed beneath the window, which was frightening to her because that meant more costs. Guardian was able to work with her on the extra costs, as it would have caused additional damage had it not been corrected.

The Result
The back of Stephanie’s home now looks brand new! With her problem solved, Stephanie explained, “I felt like [Guardian] always had my best interest in mind throughout the entire process. The warranty helps me sleep at night. Knowing that if something around that window were to start leaking again that they will come back out and take care of it has greatly reduced the anxiety that came with this project.”

We’re happy you’re happy, Stephanie.