The Problem.
An older, flat-roofed Waukesha home was in need of some TLC. David and Judy inherited a family house that had cracks and holes in the roof, as well as old drafty (original to the home) windows that were the cause of outrageous energy bills. The couple had promised to keep the house in the family and update it. The issue was not only with the damage on the home, but their homeowners insurance would not cover it due to the roof being flat.

David and Judy eventually found an insurance company that would cover a flat roof, with the stipulation that the roof needed to be replaced first. Setting off to find a company that specialized in flat roofs, they repeatedly encountered businesses that would not take on a job that was less than $100,000. Stunned and in sticker shock, the couple resourced a home improvement website for help which led them to Guardian Exteriors.

We contacted some companies that specialized in flat roofing,
and they told us they wouldn’t come out for anything less than $100,000!


The Solution.
Once in touch with Guardian, David and Judy knew they had found their contractor. The couple explained that Guardian’s staff was “incredibly responsive, helpful, informative, and reliable.” They felt they were being taken care of, which was important, as this project was a sentimental one. The estimate for the roof was so reasonable they decided to include replacing the windows at the same time.

The work required included new TPO flat roofing to replace the existing damaged roof and installing new windows to replace the old drafty windows.

The Result
David and Judy describe the project experience as “fantastic!” The large crew was efficient and professional, quickly completing the almost 2000-square-foot roof replacement in a day. The windows arrived shortly thereafter and were installed without a hitch; the homeowners shared that they now save 30-40% on their energy costs by replacing those drafty old ones!

Overall, they expressed how happy they were to have been informed with every step and had an excellent experience from the very first phone call to the last bit of debris cleanup.

“We greatly appreciate Guardian’s attentiveness and sensitivity to our project and how important it was to us that all the work was completed correctly by expert artisans. We feel that Guardian fulfilled the promise we made to Judy’s mom before she passed to keep the house in top notch shape, and are grateful for all who had a hand in accomplishing our goals.” -David and Judy