The Problem. Mike and Christine’s 30-year-old New Berlin home was suffering significant woodpecker damage– enough that the birds were able to get behind the siding and nest. Clearly needing repairs, they saw the opportunity to transform their home’s exterior to the French Façade they’d always dreamed of having. It was important that the work they needed completed could be done by one single trustworthy contractor.

The couple met with several contractors who attempted to change their vision and upsell them. The meetings were impersonal, and they felt like a number to the contractors because their wants and desires were not being heard. The other contractors insisted on changing the style that they wanted, but that was simply not an option.

The Solution. The couple met with Guardian’s Certified Home Advisor—Bryan. Bryan listened and asked questions to best align himself with their wants, needs and desires. They talked through specific details such as colors, materials, and the install process to ensure that they were all were on the same page.

Bryan utilized images, links, samples, and material to really set the visuals so that everyone could see exactly what was going to be installed. This provided Mike and Christine with reassurance and confidence in Guardian because it demonstrated how committed Bryan was in making sure that they received exactly what Mike and Christine wanted. Bryan demonstrated a shared passion for Mike and Christine’s vision.

The job began and progressed with few complications. Any concern or question was addressed individually and thoroughly. If any areas where more cost-efficient options or an adjustment was suggested, all were discussed and followed to the exact specifications after being given the owner’s blessings.

The Result. Mike and Christine really appreciated how much the crew also strived to ensure things were exactly as they wanted. The communication, attention to detail and focus given by all parties involved made them feel that the entire team genuinely cared. They also noted they would recommend Guardian to others without hesitation.

“We Absolutely love our new french style home facade. It is everything we had ever dreamed of and more.”