The Problem.
Percy and Vonn purchased their Milwaukee home a couple years ago: “One of the reasons we purchased our home just two years ago was because the asphalt shingle roof had just been replaced. (Important note: Guardian did NOT install the roof at the property). The realtor used this as a selling point. We hired Guardian right after purchasing our home to replace the small flat rubber roof on the breezeway of our home last year with a TPO system. That project went off without a hitch. However, the real trouble came this past winter, when we arrived home from work and found a large portion of our asphalt roof gone. We called the Guardian office and they responded as if it was a 911 emergency.”

It turned out the “new roof” was actually defective due to being improperly installed as a result of high nailing. The shingles were nailed outside of the nailing zone, causing them to tear and eventually come off with weather.

The Solution
Having already worked with Guardian, Percy and Vonn reached out again during this emergency.

According to Percy and Vonn, the process was simple, “We called Patti in the office, she walked us through applying for financing, and she immediately sent Eric out to temporarily protect our roof, we picked a shingle and the roofing replacement was scheduled. All this transpired in a matter of days.”

The Result
Eric, the Project Manager, took the time to explain to them what was wrong with their roof and why it happened. The crew properly fixed the roof and Percy and Vonn no longer need to worry about their roof’s condition.

“I still can’t believe how quickly and professionally we were taken care of … we are planning on having [Guardian] roof our garage this summer. We are Guardian customers for life. Thank you for coming through when we needed you.”
– Percy and Vonn, Milwaukee, WI