The Problem

Wauwatosa homeowner, Meg, was looking for a contractor to replace her nearly 30-year-old roof. It was leaking intermittently for multiple years to the point where they had removed sections of drywall to allow it to dry and breathe.

Wanting to prevent any additional damage to her home, Meg sought out a company to replace the old roof with a new one. Because she and her husband both worked full time, she became frustrated with how much time it took to collect multiple estimates. Meg explained “We wanted to be able to trust this person to put us in a good position for the future. We didn’t want to have to make repairs on our roof and we hope this is the last roof we put on.”

The Solution

Selecting Guardian to install a standard roof system was an easy choice. She explained, “Patrick was very knowledgeable about every aspect of roofing that we needed detail on, which inevitably made us trust him. He provided us an education on this project and we wanted to be as informed as we could when spending this kind of money. Guardian did cost more than most, but it was a risk we didn’t want to take. There was no sales pitch and the process was purely educational. My husband and I appreciated that he didn’t try to sell us on any particular option but gave us pros and cons to each option that made us find the right project for our home.”


The Result

The project, which was originally quoted a 12-16 week timeframe, was completed in 4 weeks. Meg was made aware of the possibility of delays due to material and supply availability.

When we asked her thoughts on the result, she explained that the “Workmanship looks great, Guardian pays excellent attention to details. They uncovered hidden, concealed water damage, immediately brought it to our attention and repaired it. We had some areas of major structural damage and Guardian handled these unforeseen damages quickly, concisely and with the utmost respect. Reviewing the photos with our Project Manager, I am grateful the issues were found and addressed.”