The Problem.
Waukesha homeowner, Gerry, had a leaking chimney and needed the problem permanently fixed. The leak was a recurring problem. Over the years, several contractors came to repair the leak, but none of them were successful at completely stopping the leak.

“I had several contractors come look at it over the years, and none were able to completely stop the leak,” stated Gerry. “I was concerned that I would be charged again for repairs that did not completely solve my problem… many contractors had attempted to solve the problem, failed, and still charged me for the work.”

The Solution
Gerry contacted Guardian and we conducted a thorough inspection. Additionally, based on the problem at hand, they determined that a water test needed to be conducted to fully establish the root-cause of the recurring leak.

Based on the findings from the inspection and water test, Guardian concluded that the proper solution to permanently stop the leak was to reconfigure and replace the valley and re-side the chimney. Ultimately, the valley was the root-cause of the leak.

Gerry explained, “the damage to the chimney was more extensive than we had anticipated, but Matt L. informed us every step of the way. As soon as he discovered more rotted wood underneath our siding, he brought it to our attention so we could address it. He also explained in depth why the valley was the root cause of our leaking issues. The drainage from the valley was directly diverting water underneath the “cricket” (designed to divert water) installed on the chimney. The valley was not installed properly when we had our roof done years ago. We had not heard this before from any contractor, and it was good to finally get an answer.”

The Result
With the cause of the leak fixed and the damage repaired, Gerry can finally find relief in knowing that his roof is fully and properly repaired. Gerry expressed gratitude for the constant contact and communication throughout the project, “everyone was in constant contact. If I had a question, I could call a number of people for an answer.”

“The experience couldn’t have been better,” added Gerry. “Guardian guarantees their work so at the off chance that the chimney leaks again, at least I know they will be back to fix it without charging me again.”