The Problem.
Marissa had been working on an interior remodeling project when her roof began to leak unexpectedly. Her roof was old, buckling, and was leaking around the skylights. As a result of the leak, she had to place the remodeling project temporarily on hold and repair the leaking roof within a very short timeframe so that the interior remodeling project could continue.

“Our biggest concern was whether or not we could afford a new roof. We have multiple projects and were on a strict budget,” Marissa explained.

Additionally, Marissa’s homeowner’s insurance required a full roof replacement before they renewed their coverage, which added to an already very stressful situation.

The Solution
Guardian was able to accommodate her need for expedited work as to not lose their homeowners insurance coverage as well as provide a perfect shingle to put on their home.

“We needed a contractor that could help us find a shingle of good quality that would “pop” on our roof. Our house is very unique, and our Representative Patrick found us the perfect shingle,” said Marissa.

“Patrick was not at all pitchy or pushy, which we had encountered when looking at our interior contractors,” Marissa added.

The Result
She continued to explain that the process “… was exceptional despite a little hiccup regarding the roof-to-wall transition.” Marissa was informed of the situation and the reason as to why these components are important. She added, “the Project Supervisor and Manager took the time to explain exactly what it is and why we needed it.”

When asked about the Guardian’s customer service, Marissa stated, “It was attentive and responsive. If we had questions, they answered them right away. If we had concerns, they addressed them right away. What more could you ask for?”

“The whole process was seamless. Thank you Guardian!” – Marissa