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Finding the right wood windows for your home has never been easier.

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Choose from all of the available wood windows from all of the major wood windows manufacturers in Milwaukee like Pella, Andersen, Marvin, and Weathershield.

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When it comes to window replacement, Milwaukee homeowners choose Guardian Exteriors. Our reputation, ratings, and homeowner support speak volumes.

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Benefits of Real Wood Windows

Classic Appeal and Beauty

Customize to individual style and taste

Almost unlimited options of interior & exterior finishes and customizations

Large variety of hardware options

Maintain original character & architecture of your home

Many available styles from sleek contemporary to traditional

Comprehensive selection of design choices, options and upgrades

High-performance options that exceed performance of vinyl windows

Also Available: Hybrid Windows

Real Wood Interior with a Durable Vinyl Exterior

Real wood interior combined with the advanced performance of vinyl exterior to create a hybrid window

Finely crafted with virtually unlimited interior finish and hardware options

Exceptional energy efficiency of a high-performance vinyl window

Warmth of real wood interior combined with maintenance-free exterior

Wood Replacement Windows

Arts & Crafts Style

Sometimes called Craftsman, this type of home style is a beautiful, craftsmanship-heavy style. You are sure to see features such:

  • Art glass, which creates a distinct look and feel
  • Grills located in the upper sash of the windows
  • In color, the windows and siding tend to have a similar tone, and the window trim contrasts it
  • Large glass, as well as single glass openings, are common throughout.

Colonial Style

The windows on a Colonial can offer a range of styles. However, there are some core components to expect, such as:

  • Clapboard siding and shutters tend to set off the look of the home
  • Dormers and divided light double hung windows are the most common style
  • Windows tend to be white or light gray with contrasting window trim to help them stand out
  • Window trim that’s wide and flat adds decorative features

Cottage Farmhouse Style

Quite the traditional look, this style keeps things simple and relaxed – creating a bit of a feeling of an older, classic home. Key features include:

  • Double hung windows tend to be taller and narrow
  • Grilles are often present to add a bit of design element
  • Most common colors for window and trim include white and green, but other options exist
  • The window trim is about 4 ½ inches

Modern Style

The windows for a modern style home typically have very clean and straight lines. They tend to have a more simplistic style and form to them and features such as:

  • 2-inch brick molding around the windows tends to be common (and it can include some minimal highlight color to add a bit of a shadow line to the look)
  • Expanses of glass work to expand the interior space feel and allow light to come in
  • These homes also tend to have awnings and casements for their overall design

Ranch Style

Ranch homes offer a contemporary feel but exteriors can offer a wide range of styles for homeowners to choose from. Expect exteriors that are traditional in overall look. Features include:

  • Plated-glass windows (or ribbon style) are common in these homes
  • Windows tend to feature a divided light look, which helps to add more aesthetics to the space
  • It’s common to have double hung windows present, but casement and awning are also styles that are used, sometimes in combination with each other
  • Trim can range from 3 ½ inches to 2 inches wide brick molding for an impressive look.
Here’s a Better Way to Buy Wood Replacement Windows, & why Salespeople are absolutely NOT needed.

We understand that typical homeowners aren’t window replacement experts. Additionally, we know that it is almost impossible to find reliable information about what homeowners need to know when buying replacement windows.

At Guardian, we take the time to thoroughly answer any and all questions that you may have regarding your current situation, what is happening, why it’s happening, and what needs to be done to fix the problem. Options will be presented to you along with an explanation of how the combination of options address the main concerns that you want fixed with your new replacement windows.

More importantly, we take the time to provide you with important information regarding your rights as a
homeowner in Wisconsin.

First and foremost, the people who work at Guardian are homeowners. We are simply doing the right thing in ensuring that you understand your rights. We know that helping you to understand your rights will provide you with the most protection possible against unscrupulous contractors. After all, if we were in your shoes, that’s what we would want.

Now it’s time to confirm the choices that you’ve made for your home. Because of the previous steps, you are now significantly more educated and informed about your specific needs and goals. This clear understanding allows us to have a comfortable, respectful, non-confrontational, and intelligent conversation about the possible solutions for your home.

You can then take the proposal along with all other paperwork and review it at your leisure. The price is the price and there is no special price that’s “only good for today.” You can ask more questions, discuss different options, and continue to become intimately familiar with every piece of information presented to you so that you gain the comfort and trust needed to know that you are making the right decision for you and your family.


We have formed strategic partnerships with several trusted financial institutions to provide direct & personalized access to a variety of payment and finance options. We will show you what those options are so that you can make the decision that’s best for you.