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Replacing the windows in your home will enhance its overall beauty, all while giving your budget a boost by helping conserve costly energy. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you clearly understand our approach to replacement windows, along with other helpful information.
If I have storm windows over my single pane windows, do I still need to replace my windows?
Yes, about 75% of our customers have storm windows which may block out some of the wind drafts at most. Storm windows are more of a pain to deal with and do not help with energy or maintenance savings. They create great spaces for spider webs and make cleaning windows very difficult. Our windows will eliminate your storm windows and we will remove them for you at no additional charge.
What kinds of windows are available for older homes?
Real wood, fiberglass composites, and vinyl replacement windows are the most common products available. Variations are available to accommodate replacement for older homes as well as newer construction.
Where is Guardian Exteriors Replacement Windows Division based out of?
Guardian Exteriors Replacement Windows Division is based out of Milwaukee, WI. Please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable representatives in the comfort of your own home.
Do your installation procedures involve removing or disturbing the interior trim inside my home?
No. In fact, the majority of our installation occurs from the outside so our procedures are non-invasive and we do not remove or disturb the interior trim. This also eliminates the need for repainting and staining that occurs with some other company’s methods.
How long does the installation take?
The majority of homes take only one to two days to complete the project. Project installation time depends on number and type of windows, complexity of installation, and access to work areas.
Is there a minimum amount of windows required?
No, unlike some companies, we will come out for one window or your entire home. You decide how many windows you would like to do at one time and we will also lock you into your value pricing on all future purchases.
Where can I go to find more objective information on energy efficient windows so I know I’m choosing the right product?
Do you have window options available for someone who does not want vinyl?
Yes. We offer real wood windows with maintenance free exteriors, paintable milled PVC no-rot windows, and a variety of other custom window and door products.