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What are the typical problems most homeowners face with replacement windows?


Problem: FOGGING UP-- The number one problem and complaint at the very top of the list that consumers have with replacement windows is that they FOG UP. The seal breaks around the spacer (all it takes is a pinhole) and the idea of a hermetic seal is lost forever. Humidity gets into the glass pack and the result is a permanent cloud in your line of sight.

This is all spacer-system related. This commonly used aluminum spacer bar with a rubber butyl backing is a very inexpensive means of sealing the glass pack. The problem simply is that it doesn’t work over the long run. Especially with an all-vinyl sash frame where all the expansion and contraction literally stresses the glass pack by twisting and distorting it. The end result is a blown seal.


Solution: We solve this problem with Guardian’s warm edge spacer sealant that will forever remain pliable. It won’t ever harden or become brittle like the conventional butyl rubber sealants used on typical replacement windows. Manufacturing a warm edge Guardian glass package is very time-consuming. It involves an oven compression process where the glass package is gradually sandwiched. The initial up front price to have this kind of sealant is higher, but there is no way Guardian would ever make any compromises here… after all, what good is a window if you can’t see out of it. This is one of Guardian’s trademarks. There are just too many people out there who just don’t know any differently. They are literally spending their hard earned dollars to replace their windows, and then they end up with more problems than what they had originally.


Problem: LOSS OF INSULATION-- Here’s another problem that you should be aware of. Once the seal of any glass package is broken, then you no longer have a trapped air space. You have lost the insulating benefits of a true hermetic seal. Worse yet, in the case with Krypton Gas, the gas will now escape, and you lose that additional sound and thermal barrier that you may have paid extra for.


Solution: Again, with Guardian’s warm edge sealant, the integrity of the seal will never be broken… and keep in mind, we’ve already proven that with years of trouble-free service. So not only will you have a window with a clear, unobstructed view, but you can be assured that the Krypton gas will always remain there year after year, giving you a return on your investment.


Problem: HIGHLY CONDUCTIVE-- Most all replacement windows have an aluminum spacer bar that physically separates the panes of glass. What you have here are two materials that are highly conductive in direct contact with one another… glass and aluminum. There really is no kind of thermal break with this design. Consequently, in the wintertime, the glass pane inside your home is ice cold just like the outside pane, which in the end makes for high fuel bills.


Solution: Our Guardian windows uses a warm edge technology which is a polymer sealant that encapsulates a thin aluminum wafer that separates the glass. This polymer is non-conductive and acts as a thermal barrier keeping the inside pane of glass at a temperature independent of the outside pane. In the end, thermal efficiency is maximized, and people’s fuels bills DROP.


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