Don’t buy a roof from roofing salespeople.
Do what this Wauwatosa homeowner did instead to address their roofing issues.

The homeowners of the Wauwatosa home (pictured above) saved thousands of dollars by getting unbiased advice regarding their roofing project.

Roofing salespeople make money when you buy what they sell. The more you buy, the more money they make. Isn’t there an inherent conflict of interest?

That’s why we don’t have salespeople here at Guardian, Inc. and that’s why we can save Wauwatosa homeowners money on their home improvement projects.

At Guardian you meet with Certified Home Advisors that work with you to determine the proper solution for your home that meets your goals & budget. If a simple repair is all you need, that’s what will be recommended. Typical salespeople will never suggest a repair. They don’t make money from repairs.

Don’t take our word for it. Read the case study below.

Reasons for Project

Granule loss and excessive wear on shingles; roof to wall flashing issues causing major concerns for potential roof leaks.

The existing roof on the homeowner’s house was old and was displaying definite signs of wear. Granule loss on the roofing shingles were noticeable on various parts of the roof. The roof-to-wall flashings were deteriorating and needed to be addressed.

The granules on a roofing shingle is a key component of the protective barrier that protect the roof structure. If left unattended, the loss of granules expose the sub-barrier to the elements. Harmful UV rays from the sun will cause accelerated deterioration of the sub-barrier to the point of cracking, which will allow moisture to infiltrate the main structure of the roof, thereby causing water damage to the interior structures.

The flashings from the roof to the wall are also critical components designed to keep moisture from entering the walls. If the flashings are compromised, moisture can easily get into the walls causing damage.

Homeowner Goals:

One of the main goals of the homeowner was finding a roofing contractor who would truly listen to their needs and concerns regarding their roof. Understandably, they wanted a solution that both met their goals and budget. They were concerned about being “sold” a solution that didn’t meet their needs and thus overspending on their roofing project. They really didn’t want to deal with a typical roofing salesperson.

The homeowner wanted a solution that would last 10+ years with warranty, because they have plans of moving in the near future. Understandably, they did not want to spend more for a project designed to last 20 + years. However, since the 20+ year product makes salespeople more money, that’s what every other roofing company was trying to sell them. The other roofers that they met with simply tried to “sell” them a specific project and ignored their needs.


Because we don’t have salespeople, we have developed a collaborative process that involves lengthy discussions with the homeowner to ensure that we completely understand their specific needs and goals. This process ensures that we are able to design a roofing solution that fully meets this homeowner’s needs and budget.

Additionally, since we carry all of the major roofing manufacturer products, we were able to design a project specification for the homeowner that would get them their desired outcome of a roof with a useful life of 10+ years, while staying within their budget and spending the least amount possible on high-quality products. Other roofing companies who have limited selection, just tried to push the only solution that they had on the homeowner so that they could make the sale.

The end result is that this homeowner saved thousands of dollars on their roofing project.

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