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Guardian Shows Milwaukee Homeowners a Better Way to Buy Home Improvements

A local home improvement company breaks sharply from the negative industry norms and is transforming the home improvement industry


MILWAUKEE – Unfortunately, some of the biggest investments homeowners make in their homes often result in disappointment, but Guardian Exteriors has an answer. As a top Milwaukee roofing, siding, and window replacement company, Guardian regularly works with homeowners to produce the best possible home improvement solutions by identifying and accounting for the homeowner’s true needs.

Doing away with the secrecy, scripting, manipulation, and deception typical of other companies, the five-step Guardian approach consistently produces results that no competitor can match. Likely the only option of its kind in the country, the Guardian process is ensuring that more Milwaukee window replacement, roofing, and siding projects produce long-lasting, value-enhancing success and is helping to transform the industry in a highly positive way.

“Nervousness is understandably common among those faced with the need to spend thousands of dollars on a new roof, siding, or windows,” Guardian representative Joe Martis said, “Unfortunately, the usual means of arranging for such important investments tilt the odds unfavorably against the homeowner, with dissatisfaction being an all-too-common result. Guardian was founded to show people throughout the Milwaukee area that there is a better way to purchase home improvements, and we’re proud to be leading the industry in a positive new direction.”

With a nationwide 2014 survey of Angie’s List members reporting an average professional roof replacement cost of over $11,000, such projects are obviously not to be taken lightly. Studies that follow up on major home improvement work, though, consistently report that miscommunication and unrealized goals are common, leaving many homeowners dissatisfied with the work they spend so much money on.

Guardian’s own research into the matter has revealed that such problems can almost always be traced back to some combination of a few deficits inherent in the usual home-improvement buying process. For one thing, typical home improvement contractors of windows, siding, and roofing often employ secrecy against their potential customers, making it impossible for homeowners to accurately compare the available options. Overly scripted sales processes are designed to funnel homeowners into whichever arrangements are most convenient and profitable for the contractors instead of accounting for the unique needs of each homeowner.

A third common source of trouble is that manipulative, high-pressure sales tactics can lead homeowners to accept proposals that do not serve their best interests. Finally, outright deception in the buying process is also widespread, as with job quotes that come with made-up expiration dates or other means of dishonestly influencing purchasing decisions.

The exclusive Guardian process was designed to do away with these stumbling blocks in a direct, fundamental way, thereby offering up a better buy way to buy home improvement. Thanks to strong relationships with a huge range of manufacturers, Guardian gives clients transparent, informed access to the whole range of available options.

Building on a thorough, on-site inspection that accounts specifically for common sources of trouble like attic-related issues, building envelope issues, venting issues, etc. the company also develops a detailed, strategic, needs-informed proposal for every Milwaukee siding, roofing, or window replacement job. Being educated about each situation and the available options, Guardian clients benefit from the kind of home improvement work that has led the area in satisfaction rates for several years. Those interested can learn more about the unique Guardian approach at the company’s website and are invited to submit questions using the contact information found there.

About Guardian, Inc.:
For over twenty years, the people at Guardian has been raising roofing, siding, and door and window replacement standards throughout the Milwaukee metro area. Guardian does away with the frustrations, deception, and sales pressure that are otherwise so common, giving homeowners a better way to buy home improvements.

Media Contact:
Joe Martis
Guardian, Inc.
4401 S Kansas Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53235
Telephone: (414) 226-5619
Email: jmartis@guardianpcs.com
Website: https://guardianexts.com/

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