Thorough and Accurate Inspection?

What is a Thorough and Accurate Inspection?

Item 1. Wisconsin Home Improvement Trade Practices Code: ATCP – 110

A Thorough and Accurate Inspection Just Makes Sense

When it comes to roofing, siding, or replacement windows, the most important step that must happen first is a complete evaluation of the current problems that you, the homeowner, are trying to solve. Do you have roof leaks? Is your current siding warping or peeling? Are you experiencing drafts with your windows? Are you looking for a simple cosmetic replacement? Etc.

Choosing products and project options before determining the true source of the issues that need to be fixed will ultimately lead to a lot of frustration and wasted money for the homeowner.

All too often people are talked into projects by salesmen that are only temporary fixes. The new products fix only the symptoms of a problem and not the actual source, which oftentimes results in the original problem resurfacing, or worse yet, new problems occurring.

Only after the problem source is determined, and/or your goals and expectations are clearly defined should you even begin evaluating proposals. That way you can ensure that the projects you are considering will actually fix the problems with your home and meet your project goals and not put you in a worse situation.

With a Certified Home Advisor you can get a truly unbiased thorough inspection and proper diagnosis. With this information you can review the full spectrum of true and accurate options available to you for your project. These options may include recommendations, such as: do nothing; do it yourself; temporary repairs; permanent repairs; or some type of partial or full replacement. You will not receive the typical “salesy” Good, Better, Best choices of what salespeople get paid commissions on.

A Thorough Inspection & Diagnosis consists of 2 main parts:

Physical Inspection of the Existing Building Envelope
A proper / professional inspection involves a thorough examination of the homes’ exisitng building envelope, which consists of the roof, siding, windows, flashings, ventilation, insulation, water management, air and moisture barriers, etc. by a trained and experienced Certified Home Advisor to determine the full scope of the cause of the problems/symptoms occuring. All of these components on the exterior of the home, together with the corresponding flashings and tie-in details, contribute to maintaining a properly functioning building envelope or shell on the home. Oftentimes the symptoms described by homeowners are caused by a combination of issues. fixing or replacing a singular issue is the most common cause of problems recurring, products failing, and money being wasted.
Consultation Discussion with the Inspector / Certified Home Advisor
To perform a thorough inspection and achieve a proper diagnosis of problems, an experienced Certified Home Advisor needs to have an in-depth consultation with the homeowner regarding the problems you are having with your home. Contractors who simply measure your project and proceed to give you estimates are providing grossly inaccurate solutions.

It is important to set time aside to discuss your home’s current situation with the Certified Home Advisor who meets with you. Your initial input will help to guide the inspector to what to look for and where to start.

After the inspection is completed, the Certified Home Advisor will inform you of their findings. During this discussion, you will have the opportunity to ask any and all questions that you may have regarding your project and the possible solutions. You will leave this discussion significantly better educated on the cause of the problems that are occurring with your home and the options available to you to address these issues.

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