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To achieve a successful siding project, you must use a high quality house wrap combined with a high quality insulation product or combination products, such as DOW-XPS insulation that is properly installed to the manufacturer’s required specifications with taped and sealed seams, joints and penetrations.

Note: Depending on the original construction and design of the house, your house may not be able to accommodate some siding systems, insulation products, and weather barriers.  A thorough inspection by a siding expert is essential to proper design and specifications.

Beware!  Most siding jobs installed today are “ticking time bombs”!

Many siding installations are “time bombs” because of poor designs, poor specification of inappropriate materials in the wrong system type which covers up or “band aids” over existing problems, and poor workmanship or inexperience.

Most installers typically focus only on the aesthetic position of the siding project because that is all that you will see.  The aesthetics of most siding projects easily cover up or hide the major defects in the system, only to show up years later as moisture infiltration or water damage, poor energy performance, mold or mildew infiltration, or premature failure leading to a costly and expensive early replacement.  Most installers cut corners on design and specification of proper system components by leaving out manufacturer-required flashing and details.  Typical contractors know that, to a homeowner, if the job “looks good” the project should meet their expectations. However, if the siding is not installed properly, using the proper materials and installation techniques, then it is a ticking “time bomb.”

Never use a water shedding siding panel (ex. vinyl) that is combined with a moisture permeable insulation (ex. EPS).  This type of “foam backed” vinyl siding is a “time bomb” and is being marketed by manufacturers and ignorant contractors as an “All-in-One” system.  Unfortunately, in order to cut costs, most contractors use cheap EPS products. Due to the porous nature of EPS insulation, there is significant risk in moisture accumulation between the siding and your home. This trapped moisture eventually turns into mold and may even permeate your wall assembly over time, causing significant water damage.

The true defects and consequences of poor choices in product and installation procedures do not show up until several years later, at which time the homeowner is stuck with a nightmare!  This situation is compounded with the harsh possibility that the installer’s warranty is expired or the contractor is out of business.  Additionally, the manufacturer’s warranties are also typically “null and void” since the products were not installed according to their manufacturer’s required installation methods and failed to incorporate proper flashing, details, and accessories.

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