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Siding systems are the “shell” of your home.  Siding has two purposes:

  1. It acts as a functional weather barrier.
  2. It provides an aesthetic look or curb appeal.

Siding systems protect your wall assembly from moisture’s, provide insulation from heat and cold, and provide curb appeal with a decorative and finished look.

There are two types of siding systems: water shedding and water proof.

The type of system greatly affects the combination of materials specified in the system, the importance of specific techniques and details, and the workmanship criteria.  These factors are important to ensure your new siding is working properly and maintaining its function for the full extent of its life cycle.

Siding is typically the most expensive exterior home improvement project, but it also has the greatest immediate return on investment (ROI).

Important Considerations for a New Siding Project:

1. What is the primary objective that your new siding will serve?  Is it purely functional or aesthetic improvement or a combination of both?

A thorough professional inspection and consultation will help you determine and identify current problems and the most cost effective and best solutions.

For older homes, a full tear-off is always the best procedure.  Typically older homes will have several layers of siding (ex. wood, asphalt, vinyl or aluminum).  If there is evidence of water damage around windows and penetrations on one or more of the existing siding layers, it must be repaired prior to residing to avoid problems associated with rotting wall sheathing, framing or mold infiltration.  To achieve a high quality finished job, you must first start with a good, solid base.

2. What type of insulation will be used?  The purpose of insulation is to control moisture and air infiltration into the wall assembly.  Not installing insulation in your siding project is like buying a new refrigerator without a door in an attempt to save money.

In fact, insulation helps save money by reducing heating and cooling costs, but it also controls where the “water condensation/collection point” will be in your wall assembly. And, depending on the type of siding you choose, the insulation could dramatically affect the performance of the wall assembly and the life cycle of the project.  Improper insulation could also provide potential serious health hazards, such as the development of mold and mildew in walls from outside moisture infiltration.

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