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The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is an independent, non-profit organization that provides energy performance to the window industry. In conducting a survey, the NFRC found that 84% of consumers would prefer to buy a window whose energy performance is certified by an independent agency over one that is not certified. This being the case, the NFRC has established a national rating and labeling system for window products. This is referred to as the NFRC label.

Then in March of 1998, the U.S. Department of Energy formed a partnership with the NFRC. The government decided to use the NFRC performance ratings of a window to determine whether it meets minimum criteria for residential energy savings. If the window meets the requirements; it will be recognized with the DOE’s formal blessing by having their trademark ENERGY STAR label posted on that particular window.

The following are excerpts from the DOE March 6, 1998 press release:

You know what they say about people in glass houses? They would be richer from savings on heating and cooling bills if they had ENERGY STAR labeled windows in their homes.

Secretary of Energy, Federico Pena stated,

“Consumers who install ENERGY STAR windows can put money back in their pocket, have a more comfortable home, and make a contribution to protect the environment. Each year families spend almost half of their energy budget on heating and cooling costs.” “The ENERGY STAR label serves as a simple and effective tool for educating consumers, who don’t often understand the complex technical issues associated with window performance.”

The following statement is from the United States Department Of Energy web site, :

When you are spending thousands of dollars on windows, you need to get the most for your money. A great way to find the right product for your home is to look for the Energy Star symbol. Energy Star labeled windows are twice as efficient as windows manufactured just ten years ago.


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